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When we were smaller.... we were pushed harder, had more visits. We needed it, we got the resources to get better and we did.

SDT seems to be VERY understanding, especially with their chapter on my campus. That chapter has been the smallest since before I rushed. And we're not talking like 35 when the total is 60... usually they were maybe around 15. I heard various reasons for this, some being that they liked everyone to live in the suite (our suites hold ~16), etc. At one point in time they did get a few sisters who really tried to make a push to get bigger, but they didn't get too far and it just reverted back down. I'm not sure what their current numbers are. They had been recolonized in the latter half of the 90's. They have a gorgeous suite, I guess they have some wealthy alumnae that help keep them afloat. But i'm pretty sure had my KD chapter ever been at that level and stayed there...we would've been gone. I really don't know how they can financially do it- whoever did that chapter's budget had to have been good. Or again, if they had a lot of donations or something.
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