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Yeah, it depends. Some chapters will care about age, others won't. After meeting the chapters, YOU may decide that the age difference is a bar. Either way, you'll never know unless you try.

Our chapter skewed pretty young, but we did have older new members who fit in well. One of my best friends in my chapter pledged at 27. She was a returning student earning a second bachelors. A girl in my pledge class was a 22 year old senior who would be returning the following term for a fifth year. Our main concerns were achievements and personality. If you were smart, accomplished, and nice, age wasn't a huge concern.

Panhellenic (or the chapters themselves, sometime during rush) will normally make cost estimates for each chapter available to PNMs. At our school, it ended up being cheaper than most dorms and off-campus apartments to eat and live in the sorority house, dues included.

My chapter didn't require anyone to move in until their first fall semester as an initiate, though it was expected that most students without housing contracts or obligations at home would move in before then, space permitting. Members with high chapter seniority in their last year of college would be allowed to live out on a case-by-case basis, so long as the house was full or close to it.
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