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Originally Posted by PGD-GRAD View Post
^^^ I’m always curious when a chapter moves “off campus” and is still recognized by their Hdqtrs. Does this affect their ability to get insurance since they are no longer under the guidelines of the university and its risk-mgt. guidelines?
When field reps visit chapters, the Greek advisor or dean gives them an evaluation of the chapter, their official GPA, etc. All that can be applied to their chapter standing with their Hdqtrs. including awards and scholarships. And can sororities still pair with non-recognized groups for campus events?
Maybe I’m reading too much into these situations—and I know campus guidelines are often a pain in the ass—but is cutting yourself loose a valid idea?
I think that as long as the chapter follows the risk-mgt. guidelines of their organization, they are still covered by the insurance their organization has.

It was announced today that Sigma Chi has closed the chapter at Iowa State University. The chapter was under a revitalization plan that the members failed to adhere to.
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