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Originally Posted by thetalady View Post
NO!!! The "maximizing your options" is NOT a guarantee that everyone who wants to be Greek gets a bid!

PNMs can and are dropped from recruitment on every campus. Just because you sign up for rush is not a guarantee of a bid. Going to all parties that you receive invitations to and IF you make it to pref round IS a guarantee of a bid. It is part of the standard RFM policies that virtually every campus follows.
At this campus, that is how sorority recruitment works. It's a mandate from the university president that every woman who signs up for recruitment receives a bid, regardless of whether the chapters want to give her one or not. With the exception of GPA cuts, no woman can entirely be released from recruitment at this school. They are a private institution and this is a condition of having a chapter at this campus.

Without having any inside information whatsoever, I would imagine that this was part of why AGD chose not to colonize there this fall.
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