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Originally Posted by evilqueen View Post
I don't want to hijack this thread but I am confused about the relationship between pref and bids. I have been told that being invited to pref does not guarantee a bid? For example, if there are a max of three pref invites and you go to all of them you still might not get a bid from one of them. So what is the true story here? Thanks!
if the campus uses RFM, then if the PNM has maximized her choices .. ie has attended ALL parties to which she has been invited and lists ALL chapters that she attended preference parties for then she will receive a bid from one of those chapters. It might not be her first choice, but she will receive a bid from one.

If the PNM only has one preference party to attend and she lists that chapter, then she will receive a bid from that chapter. If she attends two parties and lists both chapters, then she will received a bid from one of those two chapters. If she attends two parties and only lists one chapter, she has not maximized her possibilities and might or might not receive a bid.
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