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Originally Posted by owlette19 View Post
Sorry, but my username actually has nothing to do with owls being one of the symbols of the sorority... last I checked, they're related to a lot more than just Kappa... but hey, thanks for jumping to conclusions and getting pissed about it.

1. Although I am aware that it is a Kappa symbol, that's not why it was chosen. Like, nothing to do with it. Seriously.
2. I'm not focused solely on Kappa, Kappa was just the only one I couldn't find information about, so I thought I'd ask. Other sororities that I looked at had the information plainly available on their websites, so I didn't need to ask anyone about them.
3. I didn't have the opportunity to go greek in undergrad. It just isn't something available to everyone, although I really wish that it had been available to me.
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