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Originally Posted by exlurker View Post
By checking in the records their HQ keeps. Even just flipping through the sections of the most recent printed copy of the XYZ alumnae directory ("maiden" name, married name if different, and list-by-chapter) would come close to verifying or falsifying a claim to be a member. If there's still a question, HQ can be contacted.

Those poor friends of a daughter: a "rec" from a non-member is worthless; why would someone DO that?
For collegians, because they are silly enough to think that they might actually still be members in some instance. Women need to be told that self-terminating or being terminated renders you an "un-person" in the eyes of the sorority. In other never existed as an XYZ.

For 15+ years alumnae, honestly, I think a lot of times they just aren't sure what happened back in the day and not doing it maliciously.
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