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Originally Posted by DaffyKD View Post
I am an initiated member of XYZ. I am going to transfer to a very small school in which no one knows me. Is there any way that the Panhellenic at my new school will know that I am already an initiated member of XYZ?

Don't be so sure that no one knows you, especially in this day of social media. Have you ever looked at the friends of your friends on FaceBook? I have 2 friends who know friends of mine who I would never have imagined had connections with each other. I friend who lives in another state, has never lived in my state and she is friends with one of my high school classmates. No idea what the connection may be, but in the famous words of a Disneyland ride, "Its a small world afterall!"
Not to mention people in your home town who you may not know, but who have heard about your second initiation (or plans to rush at New U) from local or regional chitchat. A small world, indeed.
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