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Originally Posted by ForeverRoses View Post
What is it with brides and grooms wanting to sing to each other at their wedding? I have been to several weddings where they break into song, and they usually don't do very well. Even if you are a great singer, the nerves of the day will get to you (or in one case, the alcohol from the night before). I have only been to one wedding where it turned out okay- but the groom was a vocal performance major in college so he knew what he was doing. The rest were just awful.

If you must sing, save it for the reception!
i never understood having a bachelor/ette party the NIGHT BEFORE your wedding day - that just seems like a recipe for disaster (ie. the bride above who overslept for her ceremony).

i mean i know bachelor/ette parties are veering from the traditional norm as far as the when, where, and even what... but as much as i enjoy unadulterated plastering in my young adulthood, please spare me the night before i walk down the aisle. i want to be ABLE to walk, not stumble reeking of Johnnie Walker and stale cigarettes. thanks.
Do you know people? Have you interacted with them? Because this is pretty standard no-brainer stuff. -33girl
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