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Originally Posted by AlphaFrog View Post
One of the wierdest ones I went to was my boss's daughter's Greek wedding. The Greeks all stood outside the church talking until at LEAST a half hour after the service was supposed to start. The bride (who was not Greek) finally sent the ushers outside to tell them that they were locking the church doors in 5 minutes. Then, most of the service was in Greek. And the bride and groom didn't really DO anything, and they didn't SAY anything. They just kind of stood there and watched their own wedding happen. It mostly centered around these two crowns with a ribbon tieing them together that kept being put on their heads, and then switched, and then held up, and then switched again. Finally, at the end, the bride & groom walked around the altar 3 times, and that was that. The reception was extravagant. They had a buffet 6 tables long, including a chocolate fountain...and THEN they had a sit-down dinner. The only red-neck thing that happened the whole night was the bride's family had pre-purchased all of the alcohol that the catering company served, and the groom's family just started grabbing bottles of it as they left. Full, unopened litres of Crown Royal and Grey Goose.

maybe they thought they were wedding favors?

(shoot, if i was a tad bit classless, i'd get in on the taking too!)
Do you know people? Have you interacted with them? Because this is pretty standard no-brainer stuff. -33girl
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