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My sister-in-law briefly (thank God, only briefly) attended this weird little church before she got married. By the time of her marriage, the jerk minister had moved out of state but she insisted on having him come back and officiate at her wedding.

So when the minister started to walk out with the groomsmen, he stiffened his back and leaned back and started almost duckwalking! And my brother-in-law walked just like him to the altar! (My husband says there's a similar scene in the movie "Arthur".)

Then when the wedding party got up there, the minister said to my SIL, "In biblical days, married ladies were called "Hephzibah'. Can I call you Hephzibah?" and she nodded eagerly.So he did for the rest of the ceremony. I was a bridesmaid and I looked over at my husband and his brother, who were shaking silently with laughter behind the groom. I cut my eyes up at my husband's uncle, the soloist, behind the podium and he was making nauseated faces.

This is the same site of the Mexican wedding I mentioned earlier in the thread and I've been to many weddings there. The other awful thing that happened at one of them: the couple had just said their vows and suddenly somebody is singing "Longer" as if he were one of the Munchkins! And then we realize it's the groom and he's serious! I had to put my face down in my lap for a long time until I knew I wouldn't fall over laughing.
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