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There may or may not be an alumnae panhellenic in your area, but it won't hurt to search.
Just enter your city and state name, or the closest big city, and "alumnae panhellenic" and see what pops up. They may not have a website. A lot of groups have abandoned websites for much cheaper and esier to maintain Facebook pages.
Even then, the local AP may not do much about helping PNMs. Some go all out and have an info session, take info and help with recs. Some don't do any of that. But again, it couldn't hurt to look around.
I would definitely start compling a list of sorority alumnae. Ask everybody...get your mom to help. Write down the person's name, phone number, e-mail address and sorority.
Feel free to tell the person you are going to go through recruitment at X university. Don't be surprised if they jump right up and offer to write a rec.
And never, ever turn anyone down, even if you already have 10 recs for a group. Extras won't hurt. They won't help, but they won't hurt.

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