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I understand exactly where you are coming from and want to tell you to keep up the great work and any sorority should be proud to have you as a member.
Originally posted by Left out??:
For clarification, I am a single/unwed mother. I gave birth at the ripe old age of 15! I understood that I had made a bad choice in my life and it took me a long time to realize the plan God had for my life. My son is 8 years old and over those 8 years: I've rededicated my life to God and, in presenting my body as a living sacrifice to him, I've been celibate for 3 3/4 years. I counsel teenage mothers and speak at my former high school regarding teenage parenting and sex. I tutor inner-city children twice a week and I am the Director of the Young Adult Ministry at my church. I do all of this, plus attend school full time, work part time, and am a full time mother AND father to my 8 year old. I am well aware of who is charge of my life. As long as God is the Head of my life, my steps are ordered! I KNOW that I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me and as long as what I do is for His glory, I can handle anything.

I thank and praise the Almighty God for giving me the strength and the ability to live the life that I live. I think it's time-out for peer condemnation. We should not look at people and think that, "because she is unmarried and has a child, she will be poor representation of my organization." I believe that I am a testimony. We all are. We should live as such.

Thanks for ALL responses!
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