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You need permission from your school in order to proceed with bringing an NPC sorority onto your campus. They do not negotiate/help talk to the school about opening up the school to sororities, you need to discuss that with the proper authorities. Start with that before you contact any of the NPC sororities.

There's no way to look at a state and determine how "interested in a particular area" a sorority is. Most sorority expansion teams look at a lot of different factors when deciding whether to come to a school or not. Some of these things include: # and size of sororities on campus, administration's support of greek life, alumna chapters in the area, whether there is alumna support available to the new group, etc. Most of what they are looking at has to do with the probability of a chapter thriving at the school.

This is really of no consequence if your school isn't open for expansion, so that should be your priority because there's no point in contacting a particular sorority if you don't have school permission.
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