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Originally Posted by DEKmel View Post
Thanks for your help...yeah that was vague sorry

Ok so we recently picked our name Delta Epsilon Kappa and figured out a few more details.
I guess some of my major questions are more directed towards rushing and pledging and dues.

We have 9 members including of myself right now but within the next few weeks we hope to have more.

We were trying to figure out how much we should make our dues. We won't have a house.

Also about rushing have any suggestions on what we can do.

Also about pledging we thought of some stuff but we need more.

What are some of your policies for things?


As far as policies: If you're wanting to found a sorority, you're going to have to figure out these things on your own. If you use other organizations' standards and practices, potential members might be more inclined to pursue the other organizations. Make up policies, rituals, etc that fit your organization's (and its current members') goals and values.

As far as dues: Contact your Greek life office. Ask them what typical dues are at your school and make yours comparable.

Also, like Sensuret said, do a Google search. It may be better to bring an existing organization to your campus rather than starting from scratch.
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