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I guess our recruitment is just different from what you all experienced. With 10 sororities and 150 girls going through recruitment, nobody slips through the cracks or gets lost. On our campus 100 girls signed up for recruitment. First round was on the 30th. Only 64 of the 100 came. So, now you have 10 sororities vying for only 64 women. If you're lucky, you'll get 80-85% return rate to second round, and hopefully do as well for prefs. But trust me...the bigger sororities don't cut anyone because they know that the more women that want them, the less chance they have of missing quota. It is sad the number of women who go through recruitment making it all the way to prefs and never even getting a second thought for a bid. I remember one year, we had 85 girls go through recruitment and one of the sororities had 80 of those women come back for prefs. There is NO WAY that should happen.

So as for you all who go to big schools and have all that hub bub that goes with recruitment, congrats, and enjoy it. You could be fighting for 6 women.
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