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Originally Posted by ADPi Conniebama View Post
If she is going to BAMA then I would tell her to KEEP AN OPEN MIND because their are ALOT of GREAT HOUSES and her # 1 is just as involed and wins stuff and is just as cute as her # 4 or #6 for that matter.
I'd say ditto on this with other very competitive schools like Ole Miss, LSU, UGA, etc... especially if the school has 15-20 houses, how could only one or two be the "good" ones?

That LSU thread that carnation suggested reading was just heartbreaking to read. It really is a good one for anyone going through at an SEC or otherwise competitive school.

My sister (who will be rushing at an unnamed school this fall) and her closest friends have seen several girls from their group get burned in recent years because of overconfident attitudes (not getting their initial top choices or dropping because of their invites), so I really think they're aware of how crazy the cuts can be and will be as level-headed as possible about it... but I worry about the girls who don't have as many Greek friends and relatives and therefore haven't heard the horror stories. It's hard for me especially to see my students who are SOOOO excited about rushing at Auburn or Georgia and are SOOOOO naive about the possibilities for the outcome. They really have no reason to think that they won't pledge the "best" because they have never heard stories that indicate otherwise.
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