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Originally Posted by DrPhil View Post
Yes, McRae and Hammond are on the AKA website as "suspended members".
Here's my question, and if it can't be answered for whatever reason that may violate NPHC rules then I understand but, the article said the ladies would be re-instated in 2016. What does that really mean? Does that mean that they are being punished now but, will not actually lose their membership? I also looked up the chapters the ladies belong to, according to the article, and they are alumnae chapters. Does that mean that these ladies initiated into those chapters or are these just the alumnae chapters once they became members? I was really confused by this because, if I read it right and they were initiated elsewhere, then maybe they are being suspended from their alumnae chapters but, they won't necessarily lose their membership in Alpha Kappa Alpha completely. Am I wrong about this?
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