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My chapter uses the "4 Bs" of conversation topics to avoid:

1) BOYS - you never know what someone's history with a boy is. You could be talking up the guy who broke someone's heart or trashing their boyfriend... and a few years ago there was a rushee who was gushing about her boyfriend to an active... who just happened to be the guys girlfriend who he was cheating on with the rushee... the poor active just burst into tears.

2) BOOZE - Rush is not the time to tell "and oh my God, I was SOOOOOOOO DRUNK" stories! We tell our actives if a rushee brings it up to go with it but not bring it up ourself.

3) BANKBOOK - Rush is not about how much money you and/or your family have, at least not in my chapter; generally its just tactful to avoid this as a topic of conversation.

4) BELIEFS - Religion, politics, anything similarly controversial fits under this umbrella... while it is nice to show a girl you care, rush is generally not the time for a spirited ideological debate. If an active asks you what you do for extracurricular activities and the correct answer is, "Hillel" or "Campus Crusade for Christ" or an anti-war group, tell the truth, but don't purposely start debates or make controversial comments (ie, this would not be the time to discuss pro-life vs. pro-choice)
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