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Now breathe! And live your life. You do have a legit concern but it sounds like you are aware of it and have addressed it in several aspects of you life (medically and mentally speaking). You are taking care of yourself and know that you are in a high risk group for heart disease. That's more than a lot of people do and you are still young and can benefit from the changes you've made in your life before you are too far down a dangerous road. One thing that stands out to me about what you said was that most of your family members did NOT take very good care of themselves. It sounds like you are learning from their mistakes which is great.

You didn't mention if the counseling worked for you (not that I'm asking) but one thing I've learned in grad school is that there are a LOT of different counseling techniques and theories, the real task is finding a technique and counselor that works for you. (Like wearing a shoe, some still hurt after you've had them for months, while others are a perfect fit.)

It sounds like you are doing everything that you can do. (Just stay in close contact with your doctors and up to date on new research). Now you just have to accept that and enjoy life! Good luck!
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