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Hesitant to comment on the sorority stuff. But here goes.

This is in addition to the great advice above and on this subject in other threads on this site.

Give your mom and dad a list of all the organizations where you will be a PNM. Put an asterisk next to the ones you do not have recommendations. Then get parents to ask around at work. Their supervisors and their spouses may have the contacts you need. Most of the good ones will be happy to help a child of one of their employees on something like this. And it is possible they may provide more help on this than one could ever expect.

Also, ask for help from your church or synagogue. Give the list to your pastor or rabbi and ask for their help - if they know anyone in the congregation that might be able to help you.. If necessary (and appropriate for your church), maybe ask to put a short notice in your church bulletin or prayer chain email that you need help with recommendations for sororities.
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