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I think most PNMs go thorugh recruitment knowing that any of the NPC GLOs offer benefits because of their national/international presence. When I went through rush, Gamma Phi Beta was my second choice (!), and one reason was because I did not know of it nationally. During my collegiate days I loved my chapter, just as I love my immediate family - they are the ones I know best. I've come to think of other NPC members as my cousins - not as close as sisters, but still related and beloved.
Once I graduated and became involved in Alumnae Panhellenics (which I strongly advise for all alumnae!) I learned of Gamma Phi Beta's international presence and reputation. That was a pleasant surprise - and since my chapter closed, I have devoted myself to advancing the NPC system through my work with Alumnae Panhellenic. I've also been a chapter advisor, and of course do everything I can to support Gamma Phi Beta in particular.
As an aside, my chapter was closed not due to anything the members did or were. They were fantastic girls - we had the winner of the Outstanding Senior Woman award twice in three years, for example. But housing concerns and lower numbers meant they simply could not compete against better housed, larger groups. One reason I loved my chapter was because I love my alma mater. Not having a chapter at the school I am so fond of is sad for me. I'd love nothing better than to see it come back on campus. That's my somewhat selfish wish.
But here and now, I want to do all I can to encourage local girls to go through recruitment and share the joys of membership to any of the fine NPC GLOs. It's possible to love both - your chapter and your national/international GLO. The loves may be a little different, but that's okay!
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