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Continuing your hijack, Maggie...
Originally Posted by MaggieXi View Post
Hijak: My one year old was watching Barney the other day. The episode talked about how everyone should get a trophy, even if you loose. This is where this stuff starts. The TV was promptly shut off. Barney is now banned (and so is Calliou, but that is for different reasons).
I hear ya. Calliou was banned in our house because of the incessant whining. Barney was banned for a reason similar to what you posted. And SpongeBob is banned because the characters' voices grate on my nerves like sandpaper.

As for this hijack...
Originally Posted by Sciencewoman View Post
You would not believe how common it is for parents to wear hats, shirts, etc. with another university's logo/name. I don't care if you're an alum of that school -- DON'T wear "the competition's" logo when you're asking us to give your child a huge scholarship! Interestingly, the kids never do this.
I'd say that most of these parents actually ARE alum of the school, which would be why the kids aren't doing it (since the kids aren't alum of any school yet). I guess I can see what you're saying, but I don't think it would bother me if I were in your shoes. Perhaps instead of viewing it as the parents supporting "the competition", you could look at it as interviewing kids who were raised in a home where institutional loyalty (and probably financial gifting) is commonplace. I know that if I were hand-picking students for a scholarship, I would prefer to help a student who I think will support the university after they've left.
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