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Originally Posted by honeychile View Post
When we had our 150th Anniversary Dinner, there was a 150th fund for scholarships. Most alumnae attending were more than willing to round up their checks to include something for the scholarship fund, but some went the extra mile.

One alumna wrote a check for $150 over and above the regular dinner cost. We had our dinner, and the favors were the same old crested glassware, with blue & white m&ms. On the way out, the chairman stopped the generous alumna and said, "Thank you so much for the generous check! We were able to get favors for tonight!"

The alumna was absolutely LIVID that her money was used for favors, and not the scholarship fund! That was actually the last time anyone saw her, because she felt so betrayed - and didn't even get a thank you note.

The moral: Alumnae who have been around have been favored out the wazoo. What they really want is to be thanked for the time and generosity they've demonstrated, whether it was once or every event since they've graduated. Go with the rose and a thank you note, or even a scroll of thanks, tied in your sorority colored ribbons. 33girl has a good idea about having catalogs available - and maybe someone to coordinate orders.
There's a few other morals here, too. If you're the one doing the planning, include the cost of any favors or incidentals -- whether true favors or the something simple like roses -- in the basic cost of the event. And if you're the alum, never write a check for more than the cost of the event without specifying what the extra is to be used for. Otherwise, you shouldn't complain if doesn't get used as you intended.
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