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Originally Posted by Kappagirl21 View Post
I was wondering if you might have any decoration ideas for Sweet Home Kappa Gamma. I am looking for a Southern Hospitality atmosphere rather than western. I was thinking sunflowers and cowboy boots.
I'm lane swerving too. (And I also know that the OP posted her question in May, so it may be too late for her.)

Am I reading this right, or is there a typo? The OP says she's "looking for a Southern Hospitality atmosphere rather than westen," but then says she's "thinking sunflowers and cowboy boots," which scream western rather than Southern.

I don't have much to offer, except that if what someone is interested in is decorations for a "Southern hospitality atmosphere," a pineapple placed at/over the door, on a newel post, on the mantle, as the centerpiece of the table, or in other appropriate places (and usually embellished with greenery -- magnolia leaves work wonderfully) is the symbol par excellence of hospitality in the South.
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