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*You like the fraternity and feel comfortable there? Stick with it. Yes, you might have meshed just as well with another fraternity, but then again, maybe you wouldn't. The grass is greener syndrome.

*The house is horrible? Get your pledge brothers to work on it as a pledge project. You don't have to do the whole house in one weekend or semester, but set a goal (cleaning all the trash, painting the living room and kitchen, etc.). Next semester's pledge class can take over where your group left off.

*Undeserved reputation? Work on it. Every other week, pick a different sorority to do something nice for them. We did things like bringing them giant cookies from a bakery (they may be reluctant to accept home-made goods from a fraternity), offering an evening escorting service (girls who needed to walk from the library back to their dorm/house/car can call a specific number and arrange for a member to escort them in order not to walk alone across a dark campus).

*Busy schedule? Talk to your pledge leader, tell him the pressure you feel. Maybe he can help work something out. You also need to let him know what's happening so that if you miss something, the brothers don't think you are just skipping out.

*Brothers smoking reefer? Just say, "No, it's not my thing" without making a big deal out of it. I wasn't a big drinker in college (2 drinks at the most). I didn't act judgemental or anything with the guys who got sh**faced at parties (or on a Tuesday), I just did my thing. A couple of years after graduation, one of the members told me how he respected that I just quietly did my thing and didn't call them out for doing theirs.
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