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<<Is there any way to know how many girls are in the process?>>

The only people who have access to those numbers are the recruitment teams from the chapters and Panhellenic. It really doesn't matter how many women are left in the process since IU does not utilize the quota/total portion of RFM. The number of women left does not affect the number of women invited back to each chapter.

I will say that I have heard from friends who have relatives in the process and they gave me 7-16 as the number of invitations today for their PMNs.

I know it's hard being on the other side and watching loved ones go through the process, keep in mind that it's not a perfect process and it never will be. There are so many factors that go into making the decisions for the chapter members (GPA, the luck of the draw, conversation, time of day, etc.) and for the PNMs (time of day, pre-existing expectations, tent talk, the cold and the toll it takes on you, etc). It's hard not to take it personally when a chapter doesn't invite a PNM back, but sometimes the women in the chapter just see the PNM being a better fit for another chapter than theirs. That can also be a positive thing, maybe the PNM is really into sports and their chapter isn't into intramurals or doesn't have a bike team and the PNM really wouldn't enjoy that chapter. Being released isn't always a negative thing. It can give PNMs a chance to better get to know a chapter in which they might be better suited and give the PNM a chance to make a genuine connection elsewhere. As I have said many times and will keep saying, every chapter at IU has something valuable to offer!!
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