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Originally Posted by SoCalGirl View Post
I want to say we had our test scores before mid-June when we graduated, because I was over the moon to have done better on the test than my class grades would have indicated.
When I was in HS in the early 1990s, we didn't get our AP test scores until July. I distinctly remember my AP computer science teacher signing my yearbook (in June) congratulating me on being the first woman in the school district to get a 5 on the AP CS test. The tests had not even been scored. He told me that my classwork was so exemplary that he'd be shocked if I didn't get a 5. Sure enough ... I got my test scores in mid-July and I'd gotten a 5.

I had the opposite experience from yours when I took AP US History. I got straight A's in the class, but I only scored a 2 on the exam. I always hated social studies and history.

Anyway - I'm threadjacking. KSUViolet is bang on. You're not getting into a sorority if your grades are mediocre. Every sorority has a national minimum GPA for initiation. Every sorority chapter is looking to be above the all-sorority and all-greek average GPA. So if your GPA is 2.49, your chances are slim to none, and Slim just left town.
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