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Back in my day, , my Virginia high school only weighted the GPA if you got a 4 or 5 on the AP test; BUT, the AP classes used a different grading scale than the normal/honors classes.
For AP it was a 10 point scale. The lowest points per grade were 90=A, 80=B, 70=C, 60=D.
For other classes it was a 6 point scale. 94-100=A, 87-93=B, 79-86=C and 70-78=D.

So, by default your AP classes were weighted more favorably without being obvious. But I hated the 6 point scale with a passion. Especially since I was from California and knew that it was not the norm! I still think about how much better my GPA could have been if the scale had been standard with the rest of the country.

*Both were on a 4.0 scale, not the 6.0 scale that some schools use.

*I googled and found out that VA Beach has come out of the dark ages as of 2010! It looks like in the mid 80s they moved to the 6 point scale from the 5 point scale. In reading another link, it sounds like quite a few schools in VA still have scales other than the 10.

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