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My personal opinion is that your best shot at COB could be the house that invited you for pref. They saw potential in you, wanted you to be their sister...and you rejected them. Your misunderstanding of recruitment rules is no one's but your own (if you are invited to preference during formal recruitment, you will get a bid if you attend all the parties you were invited to...even if that was just one party...this is not the case for informal recruitment/COB). At the same time...don't be surprised if the house that wanted you doesn't give you another chance because you rejected them. But at the same time they are the ones who saw potential in you and wanted if you could prove to them that you have matured and are worthy of being one of their sisters...then maybe they would give you another chance.

I don't know what campus you are at or what house this is...I'm just speaking based on my personal experience and what I personally saw in college on my campus. I know of two specific instances where a girl either dropped out of recruitment before pref or rejected their bid...only to come back to the chapter who invited them to pref/offered them the bid in the first place. It's rare but possible. Both of these women matured in the weeks following dropping out of recruitment or rejecting their bid, actively pursued the house that they had rejected in the first place, and became outstanding members who held significant leadership positions and were loved by the chapter.

The other houses rejected you for one reason or won't find out why...and if that reason was good enough to reject you during formal recruitment...then I wouldn't at all be surprised if they aren't interested in you again. COB is competitive. And I can tell you that sisters will remember why they cut you in the first place. Again...there is no way to know what happened because membership selection is private, but if the reason was a good probably won't get another chance.

My 2 cents.

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