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Originally Posted by Kasey383 View Post
i was saying we had fun while raising funds....I guess you ladies were in the only sorority in history that never drank alcohol. Wait wait, I dont wanna let the secret out on the internet that sorority girls do drink alcohol o no o no all chancellors at schools are gonna cancel sororities now. All because of kasey383 and her post on greekchat about once drinking alcohol with some friends....get over yourselves its a chat room, chat quit criticizing people. I have no idea why our chapter pres said this place was fun to meet other women, from what i see its a bunch of bitter people
It's okay, you'll just end up being the one blamed for opening your big mouth in saying that the UT Chi O's drink before charity/philanthropy events. Nothing like being single-handedly responsible for your chapter being put on national probation or some other sort of punishment.

No one's saying college kids don't drink or that we didn't drink. We're saying that its ENORMOUSLY STUPID to be talking about it on an internet message board. While having posted your sorority and school. And having a username where you can figure out your first name. It took me twenty seconds to figure out your first and last name.
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