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Thank you everyone who has responded and given me feedback. A few extra details:

Yes, my social media is completely clean. I've never even attended a party.
I worked two jobs in high school but won't be working two jobs in college.
Knowing I can be shy, I watched a lot of advice videos and really put myself out there and tried to always have a smile on my face. Even though I'm shy, I've worked in customer service for a couple of years so I'd like to think I am a decent conversationalist. I guess it probably did come down to recs. I was afraid to ask people in my life for recs because I knew they'd judge me (especially my mom, whom I did not tell I was rushing until after I had registered) for being interested in greek life.

The outfit suggestions for the day were shorts and a t-shirt, jeans and a tank top, or a casual dress. Here's what I wore:

Anyway, thanks again everyone.
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