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Originally Posted by AnchorAlumna View Post
LOL! Actually it's "Squeal Day" because...that's what they do when they get their bids in the stadium next door to sorority row. I think Auburn has called it that, too, in the past.
Much good luck to your daughter! Being an upperclassman and getting 4 invites is just fine!
Even if she doesn't get a bid in the end, remember that only part of the Auburn's student body is Greek...I think it's around 25%. That means 75% AREN'T Greek.
LOL yes she told me why it was called that. She said they all sat on their bids and everyone opened them at once and you could hear the "squeals" all over campus. Gotta love the south. And yes, I think I read that something like 34% of AU girls are in sororities but we certainly know some fine girls who are not. Thank you for the kind words. I never imagined how nerve wracking this would be for ME!
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