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Ha! My daughter did the same thing - went home to eat and refix her hair. I'm in the same boat, we have no legacies in our family either although I do have a great family friend who told me what rush was like 40 years ago when she rushed at Alabama. It sounded way more dramatic than what my daughter has done so far - she called bid day "the squealer" and said my daughter would stay home all day on bid day and hope she didn't get "the dreaded knock" which would mean that someone (or everyone) in her room was about to get cut from all sororities. lol we found out that now they do it by phone call so at least we won't be sitting around her apartment all day waiting.

She just ran into a girl she met at her job back home a few weeks before she moved and that girl was stressing about rush way back then. She is a freshman with 12 legacies in her immediate family from a certain sorority and they cut her. My daughter said she was devastated. Poor girl. I'm glad it's not THAT big of a deal for us. I have vaguely heard about how competitive southern sororities were but I really had no idea. SO many girls are rushing this fall - you all should have seen that line waiting to go into the meeting Saturday night. There were 1000 easily, most of them looked like models.
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