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Originally Posted by KSUViolet06 View Post
To all the worried mommies in the thread:

I think it's worth pointing out that while it's great to have a full schedule of invites, not everyone is going to have that. If your daughter happens to get less than the max number of invites everyday, try not to panic too much, because in the end, she can only get one bid (no matter how full of a schedule she has everyday).

In my opinion, this is something worth mentioning to your daughters, should any of them be upset by their invite list at some point.
Well said! Aumom08 - Your daughter has 4 chapters who WANT her back. It's hard when the numbers fall the way they do but there are 1200+ girls going through rush so it's tough. Also, in those chapters who did cut her there are probably some girls who fought for her and may be sad that she isn't coming back for reasons that are probably beyond their control. Please encourage her to stay in recruitment and give the four chapters who WANT her a chance! It only takes one!
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