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I'm seriously considering rushing this upcoming Fall. I have always secretly wanted to be in a sorority, but never thought it was a real possibility for me. I am an older student, (25 this summer) and entering my Senior year this fall. I have 1-2 years left in school as a double-major at a school in Idaho. I've been thinking to myself that I've only got one chance to do this, and better late than never!

I deeply believe in the kind of sisterhood and community I have seen in the women I have known that have gone greek, and I am absolutely kicking myself for not just taking the plunge and rushing freshman year. I wish I could wind back the clock and do it right!

I am very petite, and have a young appearance and girlish nature (people always seem to think Im 17) so I really think Id be able to blend in and get along well with the other potential pledges.

My main questions are:

1- Do I even have a chance? Being 25 with Senior standing?

2- Providing I can successfully rush and get a pledge card, what would the requirements/costs look like for a new house member?

3- Would I be able to live in my current housing (apartment right by Greek row) and eat meals and study at the sorority house with the other girls? Or would I have to move in?

The housing question is mostly because my housing is very affordable, and if it were a possibility, it would be easier to pay dues and membership costs and meal plans and such if I could keep my cost of living around where it is already at.

Thanks, I look forward to hearing from you all!
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