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We were usually told to let our sophomore or junior friends who were rushing that we wouldn't be able to talk with them like we usually did once school started. So most of them knew already. It was always funny to see girls who forgot and after all summer ran up to try and give a hug in the middle of the student union building "OOH HII, _____! It's great to see you, how was your summer!??!!" Then when they remembered (or were reminded discreetly) they would get all embarassed and exclaim "oh my gosh! I'm sorry! uh, see yah?" LOL. I always felt bad for them, but it made me laugh.
Kappa Alpha Theta "The Fraternity was always second in my mind to coeducation. It was organized to help the girls win out in their fight to stay in college on a man's campus. We had to make a place for women in a man's world, and the Fraternity was one means to that bigger end." -Bettie Locke Hamilton
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