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Originally Posted by naraht View Post
My issue here is essentially the "Fresh Prince of Belair" situation (or if you are someone who watches TV now, "Black-ish".)

Will Smith gets to use it, but does Carleton? And to go to the goofiest real life example I can think of, the children that Madonna has adopted from Malawi?
Yes. They can all say it. They're all black.

Just like how my sister-in-law will say, "Going out with my bitches tonight!". Vulgar, sure, but it's an expression of camaraderie and reclaiming a derogatory word. But if I, as a man, ask her "are you going out with your bitches tonight?" she'll be offended, for obvious reasons.

Or if a country boy says, "let's go out tonight, redneck style!". But if a California city guy like me says, "man you're acting like real rednecks tonight!", even in a positive tone, they're going to be offended, for obvious reasons.

It's really not that complicated.
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