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I've never received a card, but I was "shown the ropes" as to our local rec customs by a friend with a daughter older than mine.

1) Secure recs and deliver/mail packages (or email) packages with resume, picture, stamped addressed envelope along with note thanking said person for writing rec.

2) 2-3 weeks after delivery of packet, mail thank you note to everyone you asked to write a rec. This helps as a reminder to those who haven't done it yet to get moving. Usually just say something like "Thank you so much for writing me a recommendation for Kappa Kappa Gamma! I'm so excited to go to Georgia and I look forward to meeting so many new people during recruitment! Thanks again, Susie"

3) After recruitment, send note thanking each person again for writing rec and telling them how it turned out. Doesn't need to say more than "I had such a great time at rush and meeting all the girls at Kappa Kappa Gamma and appreciate your recommendation. I pledged Delta Delta Delta and love all my new sisters. Thanks again for helping me with my recruitment."

I can't tell you how many people commented to me that they had received my daughters' "sweet note" and are now always willing to help me out when I ask for recs for any of my kids' friends. A little courtesy and personal attention goes a long way.
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