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Originally Posted by Angels&Arrows View Post
Ole Miss only has three rounds: Philanthropy, Skit, Preference. Philanthropy (nine houses over two days); Skit (six houses); Preference (three houses). I have always found that amazing! Nine houses, three days, 850+ PNMs, and ~85% placement!!! I would estimate that retention is ~90%+/- for most chapters. (I do realize that Greek Life at Ole Miss is ALOT different then anywhere else... However, BSU is a southern school).

Actually, this year at Ole Miss there are 855 going through...registration has closed for this year. They also have added a new round to rush that is on Sept. 24. This round is called "Open House/Ice Water." At this round only ice water is allowed, no decorations, no songs, no nothing...and the PNMs will just get a tour of the house and then go onto the next house...all the other rounds like Angels&Arrows mentioned will remain the same. This new round was something added over the summer instead of the Greek BBQ before Recruitment in the Grove. At the BBQ they use to have there was so much dirty rushing going on that this way Gamma Chi's (Recruitment Counselors) will be able to monitor it better at organized "Open House/Ice Water" parties.

However, back to the point, I think BSU is similar in some ways and different than other big Southern schools.
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