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Battling dirty rush

Last year my chapter went through an uncalled for membership review, we lost 70 members, we are now down to 20. Im an NI recruitment chairman as well as all of the officers, our upperclassmen who are left are all on exec or super distant. we do not have any assistance from kicked out ex-recruitment chairmen. Our chapter adviser has made this whole process hard on us but i know hes tryin his best. getting to the point, we are getting dirty rushed by other fraternities hard, theyre telling rushes we are all dropping and losing our house, which both are not true. but as the fall semester is approaching were still about 10 new members short of our goal and i was seeing what assistance yall could offer. another thing that would help would be ideas on how to get more names of potential new members, our ifc offers a website that has a list of some potential new members but we need more.

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