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Originally Posted by DubaiSis View Post
I would scan and dispose. Keep the database in multiple locations (cloud and external hard drive), and maybe offer to have them all turned into a book, maybe for a fundraiser. Then see if you can re-use the frames since they are crazy expensive.
Originally Posted by honeychile View Post
This is a chance for sororities to make a few bucks, too. Scan the old composites, and make the images available to alumnae. I'd buy one!
Originally Posted by JB5387 View Post
Hey, I'm not sure how old this thread is but I was looking for my Grandfathers composites and contacted the company that did them (in the '40s) and they were able to pull them from their archives. As long as Vantine's did your composites you can always call and they will replace yours at a reasonable price. They were super nice about it too.
Originally Posted by CeresGirl View Post
Oh a historical composite calendar! you could make 1-3 different editions with different years.
A few years ago when this thread appeared I wondered (but neglected to ask) if the companies responsible for taking the composite photographs and/or assembling the composites might consider scan-and sell of composites by any sorority to be copyright violations. Just as one shouldn't scan or photocopy a copyrighted photograph (stamped as such on the back) instead the sorority will contact the original photography studio for a legal (and probably clearer) print from them. Companies I am familiar with have taken composite pix for all the campus groups for many years, and are either still in business or were bought by someone else locally who still hold the negatives for the older composites.
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