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I tend to use audiobooks when I'm driving longer distances - they keep me awake. As a huge fan of Maeve Binchy, I love hearing that Irish brogue narrating her stories. I picture Maeve as being the person in Medieval Times, going from village to village and telling stories, and the brogue brings that to life.

I like whomever narrates David Baldacci's books, too. Zero Day was especially great to hear while driving through West Virginia!

I'm currently reading David Baldacci's The Target (Robie & Reel, for those into his series), and just finished rereading Irving Wallace's Seventh Secret.

Is anyone else into the Hannah Swenson series, by Joanne Fluke? I really enjoy them, mind-candy that they are. I was most upset to see Hallmark make a movie out of one, but didn't use the right actress AT ALL though! Any other thoughts?
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