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My dear sister Carnation wrote this a year ago on the LSU thread... Carnation, correct me if I am wrong since since some of this was in her book... I believe the information was posted in the Texas Monthly in the 80s? If so, things might have changed over the years... though I do not think the top three ever change at UT-Austin. Maybe Texas-Gal, if she feels comfortable can elaborate.

As for the Big 6 at UT--this was in the original Texas Monthly article and also what I've heard from scads of UT Greeks so I don't want any flames! They were listed in this order:

Pi Phi
Chi O
Tri Delta

A lot of it may have to do with the sororities' ages, since Pi Phi is the oldest group there.

Okay, here are some quotes from the Texas Monthly article--not from me!

Pi Beta Phi-A Pi Phi is usually at home wearing gold dinner rings at the age of 18, a gold bangle bracelet, a pair of simple gold hoops, and a sporty but chic stainless and gold Rolex. Pi Phis don't have to flaunt what they've got. When you've got everything-money, a good name, good looks, and status-what's the point?

Kappa Kappa Gamma-She too is from an old established family; she was probably a debutante from San Antonio, Dallas, or Houston; and the points she racks up in her sorority prepare her for the point system she'll labor under to make Junior League.

Kappa Alpha Theta-Being a Theta isn't like being a Pi Phi or Kappa and that's the problem: a Theta isn't a Pi Phi or Kappa. Still, it has its consolations. Thetas get to be a little more demonstrative, what you call kissy-huggy. Don't think a Theta can't stand up to a Pi Phi or Kappa; she did, after all, go to Camp Waldemar with the best of them and she traveled to Europe. She's still in the running!

Delta Delta Delta-When you look at Farrah Fawcett, you get a refined idea of what it's like to be a Tri Delt.The Tri Delta you find at a party with her perfect makeup, perfect hair, and perfect outfit invested approximately three hours' work in all that perfection.

Chi Omega-The ladies of Chi O are sweet and a little reserved, but they are closet dazzlers. The Chi O house shelters fewer true beauties than the Tri Delta house but neither is in the top 3 scholastically. The Chi Os can play just as rough as the next girl in the status game but a glimpse at the parking lot will show you that they're not the top contenders in this field either.

Zeta Tau Alpha- Zetas do try harder. Lack of effort is not why a Zeta isn't a Pi Phi. Let no one say that the Zetas don't have a look of their own. They do. Does this girl exude satisfaction with her position in life? Does she shun heavy makeup, secure in the knowledge that she has enough going for her that she can afford a perfectly natural look? Does this woman look like a Pi Phi? To her everlasting credit, she does not, and-bless her heart for trying-she never will.

Like I said--not my opinions! But the accompanying Prudence Mackintosh article is hilarious; I don't see a month or year on it but you could look up "Sisterhood is Powerful" and "That Certain Look" on the Texas Monthly website, I'll bet.
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