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Originally Posted by PrettyBoy View Post
Man, I'm beyond her leaving you for another organization. I'm stuck on the fact that she didn't commit herself to you. So what happened?

I run my boat design business in my studio at home. So during the day, I watch my daughter while my wife is at work. When she comes home, I make dinner, make sure her day went well, then I go back to work while she tends to our daughter. My mother is still sick so I check on my dad to make sure he's good too. So there's no time for XBox gaming. I probably forgot how to turn the thing on LOL.
She just broke up with me. It's almost like she purposely would start arguments on purpose and used them as an excuse as why we should split. Dude, it was random as hell. I found out she left me for another guy through a coworker of mine who happens to be a Kappa. He mentioned her and his frat in conversation. I put two and two together and it was more than obvious. I called her, and she basically told me in so many words she wasn't happy. But she never communicated that to me.
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