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YEARS AGO - a great friend of mine went through rush at BAMA - she did the right thing and got recs from everyone she knew - from every sorority that she knew - well she of course missed a couple - (background - she was the validictorian - cheerleader - girls all state - she had "all of the bells and whistles" a rushee needed) . . .

Anyway she knew a sister at the house (she had worked with her throughout the summer) where she "forgot" to get a rec . . and this was her future greek home . . . well about the 2nd day of rush her mother gets a call from an unknown alumnae from this organization to confirm her "references." Apparently this sorority wanted my friend to be a member but had to "supply" a rec for her to be eligable to receive a bid. So, . . .

Yes you can get a bid from a good sorority at an SEC school even without a rec . . . but you would have to be above average for a recruit . . I mean if you graduated from HS with a 2.8 and you have no extracurriculars (sp?) and no greek relatives, then GET RECS by all means GET RECS other wise you will slip through the cracks. But if you are the future QUEEN of all rushees then I am sure the sorority will do whatever it takes to get you a bid. (BY the way she went AXO)
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