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Guys!!!!! Help!!!!!

Ok, so many of you are prob. familar w/ my mardi gras disaster in which I made a drunken fool of myself and my old flame had to deal with me....I dont remember it, but I think I was pretty pyscho. Anyways, I was going to call and apologize but decided to wait and talk to him on IM, but he was never on so I just decided to let the whole thing blow over...SOOOO I typed him into my friends IM tonight when I was bored, and he was on. When I got back to my place, he wasnt......HE BLOCKED ME!!!!! I know this because I was stalkerish and put it on my roomies IM-what do I do?! Obviously he doesnt want to talk to me....but I feel horrible and dont want to have ruined all chances of us being friends...should I text message him? I want to talk to him but feel I have gone beyond the realm of scary, obviously. HELP! Thanks!
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