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First of all, let me begin by saying I love my sisterhood with all my heart. But it is pretty murky territory when it comes to fraternal insignia. My own sorority is only one letter different from Delta Gamma in name and our colors are not the same but similar (ours are pink, sky blue and white...theirs are pink, blue and bronze). Not to mention our actual colors are the same (in interpretation...if not by name exactly) as Gamma Phi Delta, Beta Phi Omega, and others I can't think of off the top of my head. Then our mascot, the White Bengal Tiger is the mascot for at least 4 other multicultural organizations (Lambda Psi Delta, Delta Xi Phi, Lambda Fe Uson, and Delta Sigma Chi...that I know of).

Our sorority was founded in 1998; the internet was around...but not every fraternity or sorority was online back then. The NPHC/IFC/NPC groups sure...but not the non-affiliated ones. Even so, it's hard to figure out exactly what was in our founder's minds....I mean we, of course, are taught the meaning behind our insignia. But they had to come up with everything by themselves -- (and I'm not saying they were not original) and they were also going on a lot of precedent. Sometimes, you have to realize there is no reason to re-invent the wheel. If they did a pick-and-choose type-thing...I do not know. But ultimately, it all comes together into something unique.

When I pledged back in 2001, I did not do all this research into other organization's insignia; I was too busy trying to learn and master my own!

I don't know -- personally I've never encountered any beef about my sorority's insignia (LOL...maybe that may change now! ). And I'm definitely not condoning copy-cats...don't get me wrong there! I guess I'm just saying that colors and symbolism....even the letters themselves are not all there is to a sisterhood or brotherhood. It's petty to think otherwise; that's all I'm really try to say.
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