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We had this one girl come through who was so rude to all of my sisters. I think she may have been a legacy at another sorority and pretty much knew she was going to get in there. So, she was out to get ZTA. At one our parties, about five minutes before the party ended, she decides she has to go to the bathroom. Spent over 10 minutes in there. The little b*tch was trying to get us a rush infraction! She was cut that day.

That same day, I rushed a girl who was First, she sat there and told me about how much she loves bowling and hopes that ZTA has bowling socials (no offense to anyone who loves bowling but this girl was going on and on about her average scores and the weight of the ball she uses). Then, she says to me, "I know that I'm not exactly thin. I'm just afraid that when I join Zeta that you all are going to stand me up in front of the whole chapter in a bikini and circle my fat." I had a heart palpitation. I said as calmly as possible, "If you joined Zeta, we would not circle your fat. We do not condone hazing." We cut her that day.
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