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Originally Posted by AXOrushadvisor View Post
My thought was boobs, butt, tacky necklace and sky high heels. It was kinda hard to find an "ugly" sun dress. This would not pass dress checks in our Chapter for the boob and butt factor. My daughter is 5' 11" and I'm pretty sure this one would leave nothing to the imagination. Although, I have to agree with you it is probably the best of the bunch because the pref dress is heinous. I'm shocked no one likes the necklace:P
It wouldn't in mine either. Of course I'm 5'4" and boobless, so hey, I might be able to pull it off. (And by the way, I'm desperately jealous of your daughter and her height.) But momma always said that cleavage, if you MUST show it, is for after dark. I always tell the PNM's they have to remember they're trying to meet other girls, not guys.

As a short girl, though, I gotta say I love sky high heels.

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